Big Education Trust is a charitable company limited by guarantee and an exempt charity (Companies House registration number is 07648389). Its registered office address is School 21, Pitchford Street , London E15 4RZ

The Big Education Manifesto

Dear educator,
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Sasha Smith - PA

Aisha Malik - Geography Teacher

Tunde Franks - Facilities Manager

Martin Sawbridgeworth - Multimedia Manager

Gurdeep Kaur - Science Teacher

Richard Humbolt-Jenner - Maths Teacher

Louis Jupp - PE Teacher

Terrence Jonas - Governor 


The overriding aim of the organisation is to be the best place in the world for innovation with rigour in education

where people with ideas and ambition come to develop themselves and their ideas.

To create a movement
of people who want to create a more expansive vision for education. To provide thought leadership and a bottom up movement for key changes in the education system. We will build a movement of schools, teachers and parents who want to be part of a rich conversation about how we can better educate young people.
To provide world class schools
that exemplify new models and methods of schooling and give all children, particularly those from the most deprived backgrounds, the greatest chance of success.
To build leadership and
teaching capacity
within our schools and
the wider system.
A leadership programme will be developed for our schools and beyond to develop leadership with innovation and rigour.
Teacher training programmes and international exchange programmes will develop teachers with a sophisticated repertoire of proven pedagogies to grow head,
heart and hand.
To be an incubator for new ideas
New ideas with national and international reach. This will ensure we have impact beyond our schools. We will provide the resources, thought leadership and capacity to nurture the best ideas from within our schools and from outside.

How we are distinctive?

We believe:
  • In making a difference to the entire system not just our own schools
  • In prizing distinctiveness and centres of excellence over uniformity
  • In challenging not accepting the way education is done - in becoming the first place to go for rigorous innovation and new thinking
  • Good exam results and a good Ofsted grade are a minimum necessity not goals of education
  • The divide between progressives and traditionalists gets in the way of true innovation that has an impact: dogma of any kind is unhelpful
  • Education is an intellectual as well as practical undertaking and needs a rich blend of both


School 21 is a state-funded, non-selective 4-18 school in Stratford, East London. An innovative school, doing things differently for the
21st century.
At Surrey Square we believe that children can achieve personal excellence through the teaching and modelling of values and skills.
The International Academy of Greenwich (IAG) is a growing school. We opened with 95 Year 7 students in September 2016.
We believe speaking and listening skills are fundamental to success in both
learning and life.  

Our design principles

  1. A moral purpose.
    We are actively building a community: A community of learners - adults, pupils, parents, organisations - who are growing, reflecting, improving and building the capacity to make changes to the world around them.

  2. A curriculum that develops the whole child:
    head, heart and hand by valuing deep knowledge, personal understanding and well-being, and problem solving and creativity. A curriculum that generates and harnesses student passions.

  3. Real world learning:
    that develops head, heart and hand through rich partnerships, the clever use of new technology and the application of knowledge to solve real world problems and build strong communities.

  4. Sophisticated language and communication skills:
    with every child a passionate reader, fluent writer and confident, agile speaker. Speaking given the same status as reading and writing.

  5. Reinvigorating the teaching profession:
    as a complex, layered, intellectual, collaborative undertaking - giving teachers the chance to develop a skilful repertoire of pedagogical approaches.

  6. Every child, every lesson, every day.
    A commitment to strong relationships so that every child is well known and feels valued and every child knows they are striving for the highest possible academic and personal standards.

  7. Holistic approaches to assessment:
    innovating in what is assessed and how so that all assessment furthers the purpose of learning.

  8. Self determination:
    the school, staff, young people are agents of their own future and should be given all the tools possible to succeed.

  9. Innovation.
    We are curious, restless and questioning and believe that our duty is to strive for better ways to have an impact on young people, schools and the wider system